Elastic Titanium Implants
Surgical Mesh and Suture material from Titanium
Engineered in Germany
Elastic Titanium Implants
Surgical Mesh and Suture material from Titanium
Engineered in Germany
Wired in Novation
Titanium Textiles develops, manufactures and distributes a range of innovative medical products made from reinforced titanium micro-wire. It is based on micro-wire technology and the know-how of making mesh implants by braiding, knitting and weaving. This results in truly unique and superior implants with unmatched biocompatibility.
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TiSilk ®
Titanium Silk - TiSilk ® is a mesh knitted from 57-60µm monofilament titanium micro-thread for guided tissue regeneration and soft-tissue surgical reconstruction including tension-free hernioplasty. There are cuttable and anatomically modeled types of products.
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Тitanell® – is a surgical suture made of titanium microfilament. This is a material with exceptional biocompatibility to body tissues, which minimizes risk of inflammatory complications and avoid rejection reaction. Тitanell®, works well when used in potentially contaminated wounds, while the risk of infectious complications is lower compared to traditional material. Titanium doesn't corrode or degrade over time – this opens new surgical applications in organs and tissues with harsh chemical or enzymatic activity.
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Products are intended for bone plastic surgeries, namely cranioplasty, acetabulum plastics and for fixing bone substitute material. The product has obvious advantages against the analogues in terms of ergonomics and the possibility to be modified to a required shape.
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Why Elastic Titanium?
In clinical and biological practice, until recently there has been a dilemma: synthetic implants have excellent adaptive and biomechanical properties, but have no high biocompatibility with the human body.

Polymer materials are strong irritants of the immune system.

Existing titanium implants have high biocompatibility with the human body, but have no adaptive and biomechanical properties. When installing rigid metal constructs, the surrounding tissues are "smashed". To solve this problem, we have created a series of elastic Titanium implants based on the use of titanium micro-wire.
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